Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hillary Clinton for Democratic Nomination Protest Postcards.

Hillary Clinton for the democratic nomination Protest Postcards. The postcards were correct in 2008, and they are correct again in 2012.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Occupy Kentucky: One Million Postcards to Washington

Occupy Kentucky: One Million Postcards to Washington: One Million Postcards to Washington We can't afford to travel to Washington to protest. We are hard working middle class Americans who W...

Hey, that was my idea from 2008!  Slightly ahead of my time?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hillary Clinton "DO OVER in DENVER" Poster.

I wish I could have made it to Denver for the 2008 democratic convention but I had to take care of my parents. I also wish DailyPUMA had been up and running a year ago so it would have been easier to get the word out about the poster.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Friday, November 7, 2008

All of the money the Barack Obama camp raised under questionable circumstances is serving a post election purpose, Destroying Sarah Palin.

When a campaign raises an obscene amount of money without documenting who gave it to them, they gain several advantages that the media refuses to address. The biggest advantage is paying your key people what they are worth, and paying them on time.

But if your campaign agreed to federal campaign matching fund guidelines, the way John McCain did, there is the likelihood that corners get cut when it comes to paying your people, AND, the ratio of underpaid personnel to volunteers may not be optimal.

It is quite possible that all of the discussion of Sarah Palin that has seeped into the media is a direct result of one side, the Barack Obama side, having a boatload more money to work with.

Whereas the other side, John McCain's side, has to scrimp and cut corners whenever possible. The result is, it becomes easier to infiltrate the McCain side and get all kinds of accusations and innuendo's to fly.

So whenever you see Keith Blabberon on MSNBC bring up all of this gossip, he can do this because Barack Obama raised a lot more money and ran a tighter ship because of it. It's just one final way the Barack Obama side taunts and ridicules the american people through the media they bought a long time ago.

I think Keith Olbermann has behaved like a whore.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hillary Clinton Protest Postcards & Posters.

Just a note, There are Hillary Clinton Do Over in Denver Posters available. I am surprised how many people were for Hillary Clinton that just quietly went about after she was not nominated by her party. Many of these people are suspicious as to how she could not be the nominee after winning all of the swing states.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

On to Denver!

I would have loved to have gone to Denver, but the drive was too far.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Hillary Clinton Supporters continue to order and send out Hillary Clinton Protest Postcards to delegates and superdelegates. The postcards contain compelling reasons that indicate Hillary Clinton actually won the democratic nomination but was somehow denied.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

HILLARY CLINTON EARNED the 2008 Democratic NOMINATION, that is all I can go by.

PUMA is just stage one. Stage TWO is, HILLARY CLINTON EARNED THE 2008 DEMOCRATIC NOMINATION. Barack Obama's trip to Europe is and probably will remain the biggest embarrassment of the 2008 presidential campaign.

Barack Obama's European trip, in which he strolled out onto stage in Germany and actually believed he was already president of the United States and further believed he had somehow earned the privilege of standing in front of so many people, is a gaffe only surpassed by his rushing by and ignoring soldiers standing at attention without taking a moment to speak to them or acknowledge them, all this happened on the same trip!

Hillary Clinton won 40 more congressional districts than Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton HANDILY won all the swing states. Barack Obama received INFLATED delegate totals from the Caucus States. Hillary Clinton received DEFLATED delegate counts from her swing state wins, netting only five more delegates than Barack Obama 555 to 550, even though Hillary Clinton won 11 out of 12 swing state and Barack Obama LOST those same 11 out of 12 swing state contests!

Media Bias orchestrated by George Soros, Huffington Post, MSNBC, CNN, Time and Newsweek had a hand in Barack Obama having a false delegate lead. Internal Political Bias by Howard Dean, who was backed by George Soros in 2004, and John Kerry, also backed by George Soros in 2004, show a bought Democratic party that must either CHANGE and do the right thing, or this slap in the face against long time democrats cannot be forgotten.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

DO OVER in DENVER! Hillary Clinton Protest Postcard is now available!

Do Over in Denver has a nice ring to it.

Probably the most visually enticing card that has been made to date. Anyone heading to Denver just let me know at the time you order and I will include some of these for free on any order you make!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

LA PUMA Conducts first Los Angeles Meeting in support of Hillary Clinton.

LA PUMA met for the first time in Los Angeles today.

Documentary filmmakers and organizers of various Hillary groups and blogs, all united in their desire to see Hillary Clinton win the 2008 democratic nomination, were present and accounted for.

The room spans more to the right but the camera was not wide enough to capture the people past the column on the right. Free Postcards were available and many offered to mail them out to delegates and Super Delegates. Thanks all!

Above is a sample postcard filled out by an LA PUMA member.

The other side of the postcard, Keith Olbermann, not fit for human consumption.

Yes, I send out Postcards, and NO, I'm not making any money on this venture.

The pricing on the Hillary Clinton Protest Postcards is so low that even if thousands of orders came in, the best I probably will do is get compensated at a rate equal to either the California or Federal minimum wage. lol, I'm not exactly sure which one.

I would be glad to actually make the equivalent of the California Minimum Wage for all of the work I have done writing over a hundred articles, designing, creating, and shipping out the Hillary Clinton Protest postcards. Even minimum wage compensation would mean that tens of thousands of postcards would have to be sent out, and that would only help Hillary Clinton's 2008 democratic presidential nomination chances.

At this point in time, If I can BREAK EVEN on this postcard venture, meaning every dollar I spent, I get back, I would still be happy because it will mean that a lot of postcards went out. As it stands now, I am very pleased that the orders are picking up and that I have had to do a second 1,000 postcard run of the 555 postcard.

This is a grass roots movement, and nothing happens overnight. The reasons to use postcards to contact the delegates and super delegates include timeliness and impact of message. Letters get detained for anthrax inspection. Postcard postage is 15 cents cheaper plus you don't have to buy an envelope either. Besides the high quality front side postcard laminate message, there still is a small area on the back of the postcard to write your own message as well.

I write a unique message on every postcard I send out.