Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Friday, November 7, 2008

All of the money the Barack Obama camp raised under questionable circumstances is serving a post election purpose, Destroying Sarah Palin.

When a campaign raises an obscene amount of money without documenting who gave it to them, they gain several advantages that the media refuses to address. The biggest advantage is paying your key people what they are worth, and paying them on time.

But if your campaign agreed to federal campaign matching fund guidelines, the way John McCain did, there is the likelihood that corners get cut when it comes to paying your people, AND, the ratio of underpaid personnel to volunteers may not be optimal.

It is quite possible that all of the discussion of Sarah Palin that has seeped into the media is a direct result of one side, the Barack Obama side, having a boatload more money to work with.

Whereas the other side, John McCain's side, has to scrimp and cut corners whenever possible. The result is, it becomes easier to infiltrate the McCain side and get all kinds of accusations and innuendo's to fly.

So whenever you see Keith Blabberon on MSNBC bring up all of this gossip, he can do this because Barack Obama raised a lot more money and ran a tighter ship because of it. It's just one final way the Barack Obama side taunts and ridicules the american people through the media they bought a long time ago.

I think Keith Olbermann has behaved like a whore.