Thursday, July 31, 2008

PUMA Contradiction, Supporting John McCain PREMATURELY at the expense of Hillary Clinton.

I know there are a lot of good PUMA's out there, September is plenty early to back John McCain. August should be completely about SUPPORTING HILLARY CLINTON.

The protest postcards are designed to make an educated impact to every super delegate and delegate out there. Some of the individual PUMA groups have been very supportive of the Hillary Clinton Protest Postcards and have mentioned them on their blogs and websites, and I thank you!

Does it make sense to send a message to a super delegate or delegate on behalf of Hillary Clinton, of course it does. Some Protest Postcard messages such as the 555 card and the second cat postcard show proof that Hillary was cheated in the handing out of the delegates. If the delegates or their offices see these postcards that can give the super delegates more conviction for backing Hillary Clinton.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Actress Donates her Residual Check to Buy MORE Hillary Clinton PROTEST POSTCARDS!

A big time supporter of the Hillary Clinton Protest Postcard movement, an actress wishing to remain anonymous has donated her Robert Altman residual check so she could buy more Hillary Clinton Protest Postcards. We couldn't be more thrilled.

While some of the Hollywood elite have chosen to follow like lemmings the lead of the dysfunctional dogmatic duo of Coward Dean and Duncy Pelosi, our anonymous actress knows that Hillary had the democratic nomination stolen from her and she isn't backing down in her support of Hillary Clinton, nor is she backing down in her belief that super delegates have the right to change their.

It's the generosity of actresses like this who use their own residual checks to buy postcards that allows me to keep the postcard prices at an eye poppingly low 3 dollars for 5 postcards. Emailing is not enough. If you really believe that Hillary Clinton can still win the nomination, YOU MUST mail the delegates and super delegates.

Did you know that Hillary Clinton won 40 more congressional districts than Barack Obama did? If we had a one district, one delegate mode of voting, Hillary Clinton would be the presumptive nominee.

Watch our ever expanding list of mailing addresses on the right side of this blog and keep busy mailing superdelegates with the ever expanding list of Hillary Clinton Protest Postcards.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hillary Clinton Protest Postcards

Corrente Disappoints.

Talking about the above postcard got me banned from Corrente Wire. Corriente Wire revealed itself today to be a Barack Obama supporter masquerading as a Hillary Clinton supporter.

My membership first took two months to approve, then I was banned within one days time and two posts. The posts were then deleted as well! AND MY TWO POSTS WERE DELETED! What awful thing did I do? I mentioned my 555 Postcard in both posts, AND I MENTIONED THE GEORGE SOROS, ARIANNA HUFFINGTON LED COUP THAT HAS SPREAD TO MSNBC, CNN, NEWSWEEK and TIME.

The guy who runs Corrente uses the name of an early 1900's book character.

To all you PUMA's out there, contacting the super delegates and delegates via postcards is an incredible way to get heard all over the country while giving compelling reasons for wanting Hillary Clinton as the nominee.

The 555 postcard is very damaging evidence that D.N.C. higher ups have rigged this years race. You CAN SEND PROOF that can actually be held in the hand of the super delegates, the 555 postcard accomplishes this.

3 dollars will get you 5 postcards, and that includes shipping! Prices get even cheaper the more you order, and shipping is always free.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Two New Hillary Clinton Protest Postcard Releases are NOW AVAILABLE for order.

Above is one of the newest releases of the Hillary Clinton Protest Postcards set. Notice how this Postcard comes with it's own TALKING POINT. Keith's claim that he never said Hillary should get out of the race may go down as one of the biggest all time television lies. Keith Olbermann has run his lying mouth one time two many times against Hillary Clinton, and now it is payback time. Keith Olbermann, Lying Fast Talker, has run his mouth for far too long against Hillary Clinton, and it is time to let him, and MSNBC know how the public feels about it.

Every order of Hillary Clinton Protest Postcards automatically entitles you to a free Keith Olberman, Lying Fast Talker postcard as an added bonus. If you need a second Keith Olbermann lying fast talker postcard, just ask when you make your order on The Keith Olberman lying fast talker postcards are really not even worth the paper they are printed on, but the more postcards we send in to MSNBC, the more Keith's associates can snicker when Keith isn't around, or use them in the break room as a target for their latest dart game. Keith doesn't care what people say behind his back, ha ha.

Back to tell us more about the Caucuses is "I saw what you did" Kitty. Now Kitty tells you what she saw, and you won't be happy about it. More proof that it took rampant cheating on the part of Barack Obama supporters in the Caucus State Contests to get Barack Obama temporarily and fraudulently ahead of Hillary Clinton. As an added bonus, Kitty references the 555 postcard (below), the postcard that is starting to get noticed because it points to the mathematical fraud surrounding this years nomination process.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Why Send Hillary Clinton Protest Postcards to Delegates and Super Delegates?

Protesting, phone calls, emails, and letters are only part of the Hillary Clinton movement.

How are we helping the super delegates who support Hillary Clinton?

How are we encouraging super delegates to vote for Hillary Clinton in Denver?

How are we reminding others about the suspicious "counting" that was used to give Barack Obama's his fraudulent lead?

Barack Obama was allocated an unfair amount of delegates from heavily Republican states that held Caucuses instead of primaries.

These rigged caucuses used an unfair porportion of paid volunteers and cross over republican voters to unfairly skew the results to ridiculous levels in favor of Barack Obama.

Media Bias, Sexism, and Ageism were all used in attempt to derail Hillary Clinton's campaign. I believe that Postcards with important messages on them are essential during the August Drive to create momentum for Hillary Clinton at the Denver convention.

Did you know that Barack Obama turned around his Iowa campaign by basically sending out a postcard! Barack Obama sent out the postcard with misleading information and the postcard helped legitimize Barack Obama campaign in Iowa.

We have an advantage over Barack Obama when it comes to postcards. WE HAVE THE TRUTH ON OUR SIDE. Imagine Hillary Clinton supporters reading our unified postcard messages and discussing them among each other. Imagine the media finally be forced to address the blatant unfairness all over the country in how delegates were allocated.

What stronger motivation and connection can we have with the "deciders" of our party, especially those that secretly favor Hillary Clinton but need us to contact them in a productive manner.

Did you know that your letters to the D.N.C. and other politicians are first inspected for anthrax? The anthrax inspection adds a considerable delay to your mail as much as one to two weeks, plus your mail is opened and then reclosed so it doesn't even look like the way you sent it!

Have you ever been away from your computer for a couple of days and come back and just thrown up your hands in despair when you see all the email you have to wade through? Odds are you didn't look at every email, no? Your mass emails to various democratic officials might be mass deleted, skimmed over, automatically trashed, and even cause a reverse bad will effect.

Your phone calls mean something, but once you get through, and have spoken, more likely than not, YOU feel better, but your original purpose may have gotten lost in your venting to the person on the other side.

The media bias against Hillary Clinton knows no bounds, lets fight back. Keith Olbermann has probably done more to damage Hillary Clinton than anyone else. Lets let him and his bosses know how we feel about Keith Olbermann's lying.

All I am suggesting is that if you are not postcarding, you are not being as effective as you can be. I believe that mass emailing is not as effective as sending just one postcard to each delegate and superdelegate. Prices are very low on these postcards and shipping is included for free so hopefully the price is not stopping you from getting involved in the Hillary Clinton Protest Postcard Movement.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Los Angeles Meet Up Group Organizes Hillary Clinton Protest Postcard Meeting.

The first of many Hillary Clinton Protest Postcard Meet ups took place this weekend.

Join us in LA

Or start your own Protest Postcard Meet up group.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


If you run a Hillary Clinton Blog, Website, or Forum, you can receive 14 Hillary Clinton Protest Postcards for FREE!

Just email me at with a link to your Hillary Clinton Internet site, and a mailing address. Your 14 Hillary Clinton Protest Postcards will be mailed to you via Priority Mail within 24 hours at NO Cost to you!

All this blog asks is that you mail your postcards to super delegates, delegates, the D.N.C., legislators, and media "pundits".

Don't fall into the trap of Email blasting. Email blasting is not enough, nor do I condone it. Email blasting has less impact than taking the time to send a carefully created Hillary Clinton Protest Postcard that contains either a fact or conviction professionally printed on the glossy side.

You can even add a short handwritten message on the other side.

Friday, July 18, 2008


The first mission of this blog to use the power of the postcard to protest on Hillary Clinton's behalf. Barack Obama supporters used unethical means to give Barack Obama a questionable advantage.

Billionaire George Soros created a media network collective that started with Huffington Post. Huffington Post has been instrumental in supplying media "pundits" for MSNBC, CNN, Newsweek and Time. These "pundits" are Barack Obama supporters who masquerade as news analysts.

Huffington Post Pundits should be barred from appearing on any television, radio or newspaper media unless they are identified as being Barack Obama supporters posing as pundits.

The network of George Soros,, Media Matters, Huffington Post, Daily Kos, MSNBC, CNN, Newsweek, and Time magazine has created a news front that doesn't report the news, it creates the news ahead of time, and then reports what it already created. Apparently this is legal???

The Soros, MoveOn, Media Matters, Huffington Post, MSNBC, Newsweek, CNN & Time consortium is no different than gang bangers that assemble on a street corner and create mayhem. Judges have been known to ban gang bangers from meeting in public, I would suggest a lawsuit to prevent Huffington Post Operatives from "meeting" on television as they pose as pundits with no affiliation, should qualify for an injunction as well.

Our Postcard Brigade will hit the Soros collective where it hurts, with truth, on quality postcard paper, that will be seen by many as it travels to its ultimate destination.

If our postcard messages can number into the thousands and hopefully into the tens of thousands and beyond, we will make a difference.