Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Actress Donates her Residual Check to Buy MORE Hillary Clinton PROTEST POSTCARDS!

A big time supporter of the Hillary Clinton Protest Postcard movement, an actress wishing to remain anonymous has donated her Robert Altman residual check so she could buy more Hillary Clinton Protest Postcards. We couldn't be more thrilled.

While some of the Hollywood elite have chosen to follow like lemmings the lead of the dysfunctional dogmatic duo of Coward Dean and Duncy Pelosi, our anonymous actress knows that Hillary had the democratic nomination stolen from her and she isn't backing down in her support of Hillary Clinton, nor is she backing down in her belief that super delegates have the right to change their.

It's the generosity of actresses like this who use their own residual checks to buy postcards that allows me to keep the postcard prices at an eye poppingly low 3 dollars for 5 postcards. Emailing is not enough. If you really believe that Hillary Clinton can still win the nomination, YOU MUST mail the delegates and super delegates.

Did you know that Hillary Clinton won 40 more congressional districts than Barack Obama did? If we had a one district, one delegate mode of voting, Hillary Clinton would be the presumptive nominee.

Watch our ever expanding list of mailing addresses on the right side of this blog and keep busy mailing superdelegates with the ever expanding list of Hillary Clinton Protest Postcards.

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