Saturday, July 26, 2008

Two New Hillary Clinton Protest Postcard Releases are NOW AVAILABLE for order.

Above is one of the newest releases of the Hillary Clinton Protest Postcards set. Notice how this Postcard comes with it's own TALKING POINT. Keith's claim that he never said Hillary should get out of the race may go down as one of the biggest all time television lies. Keith Olbermann has run his lying mouth one time two many times against Hillary Clinton, and now it is payback time. Keith Olbermann, Lying Fast Talker, has run his mouth for far too long against Hillary Clinton, and it is time to let him, and MSNBC know how the public feels about it.

Every order of Hillary Clinton Protest Postcards automatically entitles you to a free Keith Olberman, Lying Fast Talker postcard as an added bonus. If you need a second Keith Olbermann lying fast talker postcard, just ask when you make your order on The Keith Olberman lying fast talker postcards are really not even worth the paper they are printed on, but the more postcards we send in to MSNBC, the more Keith's associates can snicker when Keith isn't around, or use them in the break room as a target for their latest dart game. Keith doesn't care what people say behind his back, ha ha.

Back to tell us more about the Caucuses is "I saw what you did" Kitty. Now Kitty tells you what she saw, and you won't be happy about it. More proof that it took rampant cheating on the part of Barack Obama supporters in the Caucus State Contests to get Barack Obama temporarily and fraudulently ahead of Hillary Clinton. As an added bonus, Kitty references the 555 postcard (below), the postcard that is starting to get noticed because it points to the mathematical fraud surrounding this years nomination process.

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