Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Corrente Disappoints.

Talking about the above postcard got me banned from Corrente Wire. Corriente Wire revealed itself today to be a Barack Obama supporter masquerading as a Hillary Clinton supporter.

My membership first took two months to approve, then I was banned within one days time and two posts. The posts were then deleted as well! AND MY TWO POSTS WERE DELETED! What awful thing did I do? I mentioned my 555 Postcard in both posts, AND I MENTIONED THE GEORGE SOROS, ARIANNA HUFFINGTON LED COUP THAT HAS SPREAD TO MSNBC, CNN, NEWSWEEK and TIME.

The guy who runs Corrente uses the name of an early 1900's book character.

To all you PUMA's out there, contacting the super delegates and delegates via postcards is an incredible way to get heard all over the country while giving compelling reasons for wanting Hillary Clinton as the nominee.

The 555 postcard is very damaging evidence that D.N.C. higher ups have rigged this years race. You CAN SEND PROOF that can actually be held in the hand of the super delegates, the 555 postcard accomplishes this.

3 dollars will get you 5 postcards, and that includes shipping! Prices get even cheaper the more you order, and shipping is always free.

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