Thursday, July 31, 2008

PUMA Contradiction, Supporting John McCain PREMATURELY at the expense of Hillary Clinton.

I know there are a lot of good PUMA's out there, September is plenty early to back John McCain. August should be completely about SUPPORTING HILLARY CLINTON.

The protest postcards are designed to make an educated impact to every super delegate and delegate out there. Some of the individual PUMA groups have been very supportive of the Hillary Clinton Protest Postcards and have mentioned them on their blogs and websites, and I thank you!

Does it make sense to send a message to a super delegate or delegate on behalf of Hillary Clinton, of course it does. Some Protest Postcard messages such as the 555 card and the second cat postcard show proof that Hillary was cheated in the handing out of the delegates. If the delegates or their offices see these postcards that can give the super delegates more conviction for backing Hillary Clinton.


chrisblask said...

You forgot to mention the democratic population that over-ruled you to elect Obama - damn them too!

You know, if the Democrats were Republicans, there was a different primary system, Geraldine Ferraro had not instituted the Superdelegate system, there was different campaign management for your candidate's campaign, and we all lived in Switzerland - the primary would have turned out different.

Sorry, 100 PUMA bloggers does not a movement make.

Alessandro Machi said...

Correction, Hillary Clinton won 40 MORE congressional districts overall than Barack Obama did. Barack Obama had to cheat in Republican leaning caucus state votes to get his lead, and manipulate Florida and Michigan behind the scenes through his money man, George Soros.

Barack Obama's lead is a false lead, one built on media hype, caucus manipulation, and lots of money in back room deals. Check out for a recap of how Barack Obama built his fake lead.

Barack Obama's backroom dealings are not the image of change that I want to see.