Sunday, July 20, 2008


If you run a Hillary Clinton Blog, Website, or Forum, you can receive 14 Hillary Clinton Protest Postcards for FREE!

Just email me at with a link to your Hillary Clinton Internet site, and a mailing address. Your 14 Hillary Clinton Protest Postcards will be mailed to you via Priority Mail within 24 hours at NO Cost to you!

All this blog asks is that you mail your postcards to super delegates, delegates, the D.N.C., legislators, and media "pundits".

Don't fall into the trap of Email blasting. Email blasting is not enough, nor do I condone it. Email blasting has less impact than taking the time to send a carefully created Hillary Clinton Protest Postcard that contains either a fact or conviction professionally printed on the glossy side.

You can even add a short handwritten message on the other side.

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