Friday, July 25, 2008

Why Send Hillary Clinton Protest Postcards to Delegates and Super Delegates?

Protesting, phone calls, emails, and letters are only part of the Hillary Clinton movement.

How are we helping the super delegates who support Hillary Clinton?

How are we encouraging super delegates to vote for Hillary Clinton in Denver?

How are we reminding others about the suspicious "counting" that was used to give Barack Obama's his fraudulent lead?

Barack Obama was allocated an unfair amount of delegates from heavily Republican states that held Caucuses instead of primaries.

These rigged caucuses used an unfair porportion of paid volunteers and cross over republican voters to unfairly skew the results to ridiculous levels in favor of Barack Obama.

Media Bias, Sexism, and Ageism were all used in attempt to derail Hillary Clinton's campaign. I believe that Postcards with important messages on them are essential during the August Drive to create momentum for Hillary Clinton at the Denver convention.

Did you know that Barack Obama turned around his Iowa campaign by basically sending out a postcard! Barack Obama sent out the postcard with misleading information and the postcard helped legitimize Barack Obama campaign in Iowa.

We have an advantage over Barack Obama when it comes to postcards. WE HAVE THE TRUTH ON OUR SIDE. Imagine Hillary Clinton supporters reading our unified postcard messages and discussing them among each other. Imagine the media finally be forced to address the blatant unfairness all over the country in how delegates were allocated.

What stronger motivation and connection can we have with the "deciders" of our party, especially those that secretly favor Hillary Clinton but need us to contact them in a productive manner.

Did you know that your letters to the D.N.C. and other politicians are first inspected for anthrax? The anthrax inspection adds a considerable delay to your mail as much as one to two weeks, plus your mail is opened and then reclosed so it doesn't even look like the way you sent it!

Have you ever been away from your computer for a couple of days and come back and just thrown up your hands in despair when you see all the email you have to wade through? Odds are you didn't look at every email, no? Your mass emails to various democratic officials might be mass deleted, skimmed over, automatically trashed, and even cause a reverse bad will effect.

Your phone calls mean something, but once you get through, and have spoken, more likely than not, YOU feel better, but your original purpose may have gotten lost in your venting to the person on the other side.

The media bias against Hillary Clinton knows no bounds, lets fight back. Keith Olbermann has probably done more to damage Hillary Clinton than anyone else. Lets let him and his bosses know how we feel about Keith Olbermann's lying.

All I am suggesting is that if you are not postcarding, you are not being as effective as you can be. I believe that mass emailing is not as effective as sending just one postcard to each delegate and superdelegate. Prices are very low on these postcards and shipping is included for free so hopefully the price is not stopping you from getting involved in the Hillary Clinton Protest Postcard Movement.

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