Sunday, August 3, 2008

Yes, I send out Postcards, and NO, I'm not making any money on this venture.

The pricing on the Hillary Clinton Protest Postcards is so low that even if thousands of orders came in, the best I probably will do is get compensated at a rate equal to either the California or Federal minimum wage. lol, I'm not exactly sure which one.

I would be glad to actually make the equivalent of the California Minimum Wage for all of the work I have done writing over a hundred articles, designing, creating, and shipping out the Hillary Clinton Protest postcards. Even minimum wage compensation would mean that tens of thousands of postcards would have to be sent out, and that would only help Hillary Clinton's 2008 democratic presidential nomination chances.

At this point in time, If I can BREAK EVEN on this postcard venture, meaning every dollar I spent, I get back, I would still be happy because it will mean that a lot of postcards went out. As it stands now, I am very pleased that the orders are picking up and that I have had to do a second 1,000 postcard run of the 555 postcard.

This is a grass roots movement, and nothing happens overnight. The reasons to use postcards to contact the delegates and super delegates include timeliness and impact of message. Letters get detained for anthrax inspection. Postcard postage is 15 cents cheaper plus you don't have to buy an envelope either. Besides the high quality front side postcard laminate message, there still is a small area on the back of the postcard to write your own message as well.

I write a unique message on every postcard I send out.

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unityindiversity said...

Starting a new action level of the coalition - Would like to include you if interested. Will be a conference call. Please send reply email with your email address for more information.